How can I get Cash app without phone number

How can i get Cash app without phone number

Are you pondering to get a solution for how can I get Cash app without phone number? Whenever you are going to create a new account on the Cash app, then you have to enter a mobile number or email address to get a sign-in code. So, for further description, read this full blog.

Sometimes, we see that people aren’t able to access their Cash app account. So, you can see that there are various reasons for it. It may possible that they are no longer able to use that email address or mobile number that links with their Cash app account, or they create a new account with the use of a different mobile number or email address and then stop using old account for a longer time.

So, before going for any troubleshooting solution you must know the root cause of problem that you faces here. Now, we are going to provide you some steps that help to access your account if you don’t have your mobile number.

Steps to access Cash app without phone number:-

❏       First, you must create a new account on the Cash app if not created yet.

❏       Now, activate Cash Card by entering the full username, DOB, SSN.

❏       From the next page, enter bank details and debit card details that linked with your old Cash app account.

❏       Next, tap on the profile icon from the home screen.

❏       Thereafter, tap on the Support option.

❏       And then, tap on the Something Else option.

❏       Now, tap on the Can’t access account option.

❏       Next, click on the Contact Support option and submit your queries via email.

❏       Once, you submit your request, you will get an email where you have to provide a few information that linked with old and new Cash app account.

❏       After entering all the details, the support team verifies it and then merge your new and old cash app account.

Conclusion:-  Here, we talk about how can I get Cash app without phone number. If you have any issues, then feel free to contact us.

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